TUT/ICE software mirror

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debian-cd/ 24-Jul-2014 17:02 Debian GNU/Linux on CDs debian-volatile/ 01-Nov-2011 13:05 Fast moving Debian packages debian/ 16-Sep-2014 00:42 Debian GNU/Linux gentoo-portage/ 16-Sep-2014 03:01 Gentoo Linux rsync mirror gentoo/ 29-Mar-2011 00:26 Gentoo Linux source mirror openelec/ 06-Sep-2014 20:21 OpenELEC mirror openssl/ 20-Dec-2012 22:31 The Open Source toolkit for SSL/TLS releases/ 16-Sep-2014 03:27 Ubuntu Linux releases rfc/ 14-Mar-2010 16:03 IETF RFC Archive statistics/ 14-May-2012 09:04 ubuntu-dvd/ 15-Sep-2014 16:03 Ubuntu Linux DVD images ubuntu-finnish-remix/ 16-Sep-2014 00:33 Ubuntu Finnish Remix ubuntu-releases/ 16-Sep-2014 03:27 Ubuntu Linux releases ubuntu/ 16-Sep-2014 02:01 Ubuntu Linux archive xbmc/ 16-Sep-2014 03:00 XBMC mirror

Welcome to trumpetti.atm.tut.fi, also known as ftp.fi.debian.org , rsync.europe.gentoo.org, fi.archive.ubuntu.com and fi.releases.ubuntu.com. All services (http,ftp,rsync) support IPv6.

Since 2004-01-21 this mirror has been reachable via IPv4 and IPv6.

2009-12-21: TUT/ICE software mirror moved to a new server.

2012-04-25: TUT/ICE software mirror moved to a new server.

You are now using IPv4 from You can also try IPv6.

In case of questions, suggestions or problems, please contact ice-mirror@cs.tut.fi

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